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1. Literally, HIV positive. Infected with HIV.
2. Figuratively, any person or institution that is socially liberal. (implying support for stuff like homosexuality, feminism, trannies, promiscuity, cuckolding, polyamory, and childfree lifestyles). These leftist social attitudes spread like a plague and prevent the host from reproducing effectively.
1. My gay friend got pozzed at an orgy
2. That church is totally pozzed. The pastor is a transsexual otherkin coalburner with a degree in Women's Studies.
by sword of a thousand truths February 24, 2018
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To be intentionally infected with a viral disease, typically Aids. Seen as a "bad beat", especially in poker circles
Grimmstar was pozzed for life when he pulled that douchebag move on the dude at nl 20k
by BBVforever September 21, 2006
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to become HIV-positive due to purposeful infection from a gay HIV+ man.
Did you see Varkonyi pozzed Hellmuth with his QTo?
Grimstar pozzed that guy when he didn't coin-flip with him.
by Mason David McSklansky September 22, 2006
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Another form of "being owned" when you are pozzed you got very badly and perhaps on purpose
Vlad was out looking to get pozzed at the gay bar and woke up missing a kidney
by bluxed September 28, 2006
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