A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse with a female. Yet theyhave had sex with young men.
Person 1: Hey Jew, lets go get sum ass tonight. Person 2: No I dont want pussy, girls never think Im hot... & I dont like to fuck girls.. i like young boys. WOW thats so Powerline!
by jewboy May 06, 2005
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-A strait up pimp
-Juan John the Magic Don calls powerline for advise
-The most hardcore Marines of the airwing with out them there would be no marine air power
-Know for punking out avi s/s t/r m/c and weak a$$ airflamers.
-What Airflamers want to be when they grow up.
-What the wifes and girl friends of airflamers want to f**k if only they werent so fat and ugly
-King Kong aint got sh!t on powerline (direct quote from Denzel Washington)
-Gods back up plan incase chuck norris goes to far

Airflamer-hey honey you wanna go screw.
Airflamer wife-No i wish i could screw a powerliner if only i wasnt so fat and ugly.
Airflamer-Its ok ive been getting pounded in the a$$ all day by my shop maybe you can just do me to.
Juan John the Magic Don-Hey hoe get a powerliner on the phone i need to know how to deal with these hoes.
by Airframe shop July 10, 2008
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The daisy powerline 880 is a bb/pellet pump action rifle usually sold for cheap at your local Walmart or overpriced at a sports and outdoor's store the shit comes with a 4×15 scope for better accuracy and you can successfully hunt small game with it.
Today I took out a crown with my daisy powerline 880 pump action rifle and now hes in my freezer.
by Antony the goat January 04, 2021
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Powerlining is in essence the harnessing of electromagnetic energy through the action of listening to music with headphones while wearing metal dental device such as a retainer. while sleeping this activity can turn one into an electromagnetic powerhouse. This is called powerlining because you can feel the electric current traveling across the wire. This activity is electrifying.
She was powerlining while listening to DJ Liquid
by Pythagorean Catastrophe May 06, 2010
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A sexual move in which one male party stands up while having penile intercourse, bites into string cheese and wraps it around his dick, and has the other party (male or female), bite into the long end of the string cheese, thus resembling an electrical power line.
Dale: I had a good time last night when I gave Linda the Reverse Kentucky Powerline
by TheGayAccount May 24, 2020
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When you and your brother are spitroasting your cousin, and the genetic connection between both of you is so strong that you both pull out at the same time and your nut collides over your cousin and falls on her head.
Guy 1: "Hey man how was Trish last night?"

Guy 2: "Aw it was good man, my brother and I gave her an Alabama Powerline."
by paroxysm1842 May 13, 2019
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