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A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse with a female. Yet theyhave had sex with young men.
Person 1: Hey Jew, lets go get sum ass tonight. Person 2: No I dont want pussy, girls never think Im hot... & I dont like to fuck girls.. i like young boys. WOW thats so Powerline!
by jewboy May 06, 2005
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Replaces commonly used term "train". As in running the train on one girl. After the man cums at least 6 more men enter the room one at a time. It describes what happens when a girl has sex with multiple male partners consectively (back to back). With at least seven different guys. Power line is different from gang bang in the sense that the female is only having sex with one guy at a time in contrast to a gang bang having multiple male partners at one time.
A hoe gets a power line from ten different guys consectively.
Man that trick was crazy, me and my boys ran a power line on her last night.
God I would love to run on a power line on that girl.
by JH1 November 17, 2007
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