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To which all spoilt immature and bratty ass 13-year-old whore of a girl-child who gets whatever the fuck she wants and od's on Roblox and has Robux and goes to work on that dick of a fake roblox bf who is 49 years old in rl.
Girl: Daddy, can i have a new game
Daddy: Here you go Little Princess
by TheGayAccount September 21, 2018
A sexual move in which one male party stands up while having penile intercourse, bites into string cheese and wraps it around his dick, and has the other party (male or female), bite into the long end of the string cheese, thus resembling an electrical power line.
Dale: I had a good time last night when I gave Linda the Reverse Kentucky Powerline
by TheGayAccount May 24, 2020
A Software that is "supposed" to track students history during School so they catch them in the act of going to an "inappropriate" website or webpage, or just simply fucking Google. It's most trusted, however, it's considered to be an advantage to Malicious or Spyware hackers, since it is traced with a keylogger. So they can easily track passwords, information, and other things that you don't want to be accessed by anyone other than you. So really, it's just a computer program that defeats the purpose of the Internet. It's very easy to get caught since they can literally see your fucking screen. Again, they can track every single goddamn thing you type, every single website you visit, and every single thing you DO on said website. I'm surprised that this is what Schools have to resort to. Considering the fact that what the kids do on computers can't be tracked all at once, and everyone is just doing the same thing. and lo and behold, LanSchool was created!
Mark: I hear the school installed LanSchool on all the computers
Jane: Oh shit
Teacher: *Writes Discipline Referral*
by TheGayAccount August 1, 2018
Another way of saying "I don't give a fuck", but with a little religion. People say this when other people say things to 'brag" or are annoying you by provoking you. This term will shut their asses down. Even if it doesn't, the other person will still back off for a little bit. Sometimes they will bite back at you saying you're jealous. At this point, you should tell them to suck a dick and fuck off in a garbage can. This also makes the other person more catholic.
Little Kid on Roblox: I got so much robux lol
Me: I don't give a holy fuck
Little Kid on Roblox: You jealous.
Me: Fuck off to a dumpster youngster

Little Kid on Roblox: I believe in god.
by TheGayAccount June 27, 2018
1. A shit so painful, so large, so juicy, so fresh, so incredibly toxic and smelly that it feels like your asshole is being ripped in half.

2. A shit that has the smell of death. It can easily floor an Elephant, melt the paint off of cars outside, petrude out of walls of your house and woft down the city block, shut down your electricity for hours, short-circuit a refrigerator, kill roaches, and make the toilet itself beg for mercy.

3. A shit so large you need scissors to cut it off from the rest of your asshole so you can let it rest in the toilet.
Bob: Tim left a Shaster McGrotha in the Cracker Barrel bathroom
by TheGayAccount June 20, 2020
Janet: I like Fortnite
Alex: I do too:3
Kyle: Fortnite is a horrible game, why do yall play it?
by TheGayAccount July 24, 2018