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Please make it stop! Please just stop it! I can’t take it anymore! Everywhere I go I see amongus. It’s engraved in my mind and it reverberates through my eyes and ears 24/7 365. I can’t go on anymore. I can’t stop making amogus jokes. I can’t stop looking at them. I’ve locked myself in my attic without food and sealed the door shut. I am slowly dying. The last thought I will ever have will be amogus. This is goodbye.
by TheGayAccount March 03, 2021
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Another alternative term for 'Batshit Crazy'. - Used to describe a situation in which one person or a group of person(s) is acting very erratically and going absolutely fucking insane. It is one level higher than Batshit Crazy, and usually is comprised of people throwing objects around, screaming like a banshee, climbing on each other in large crowds, crowd surfing, and many more behavioral oddities. When someone or a group of people are going Buckfuck Crazy, immediate removal from the situation is necessary to increase your chance of survival. The person or person(s) at this level is so crazy and insane that no amount of bat shit or haywires compares. This is the top tier level of absolute maniacal psychotic craziness. This usually happens as a result of a major event, major reveal, celebrity gossip, etc.

See: Acting The Fool, Batshit Crazy, Flipping Your Lid, Going Berzerk, Losing Your Mind
After the incident involving the unspecified police department in a unspecified area, multiple people began rioting in the streets.

Ken: Goddamn, those rioters are going Batshit Crazy!
John: No, not just Batshit Crazy....they are going Buckfuck Crazy!!
Ken: Nice.
by TheGayAccount March 31, 2021
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A very cringy or cancerous way of saying "Hot". Mostly used by online daters on the shitty game Roblox.
Mia: I'm so HAWT
Jake: YEAH
Me: End me
by TheGayAccount August 01, 2018
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In this challenge starting on February 1st, you must masturbate every single hour of the day until 8 PM, so if it is 7 AM, when the clock strikes 8 AM, you must masturbate until 9 AM, and if it is 9:59, when the clock strikes 10 AM, you must nut until 11 AM and so on and so forth. You cannot stop nutting until 8 PM and if your arm grows tired of masturbating, you are allowed 5 breaks and that is it. How long each break is will depend on your progress, so if you masturbated nonstop, you are allowed a 30 Minute break. However, if you stop masturbating in places or simply don't do it at all, sorry, you can't take that break and you are down to 4. Good luck.
Nick: I won Fap Forever February
Mark: What a stupid challenge.
by TheGayAccount December 22, 2018
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An explicit expression used in replacement of “for fucks sake” when a situation or problem has become so annoying and so troublesome that a simple “for fucks sake” won’t do it’s justice.
Manny: “We spent 2 hours Christmas Shopping, let’s just go home”
Clerk: “I’m sorry sir, but your card has been declined”
Manny: “For the fuck of all hell!!!!”
by TheGayAccount December 12, 2020
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The man, the myth, the legend of PunkBat. Some say he is not real, while others are determined by his existence. He is a discord mod of all discord mods, some say he is the best one out there, a Jesus-like entity who loves all. He is a sexy beast and appears to everyone differently, however different he may seem, he still appears to everyone as a tall handsome man with great abs and works out twelve times a week. The dream that women never get to see. A real man. PunkBat is real, and some say everyone will encounter him at least once in their life. Have you met PunkBat yet?
Ashley: That guy PunkBat is so dreamy...
by TheGayAccount July 15, 2021
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