A phallus of immense girth, length, and/or strength. Wielders as well as recipients must exercise extreme caution.
Sally was completely destroyed by Ralph’s power penis. Her funeral is tomorrow.
by Hammer of Jesus January 19, 2019
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When a man(no matter the size of the penis) fucks a women so good that it leaves her with the desire to want more. Therefore she will be loyal to the man with Penis Power and always want more intercourse with him
Dan:Bro Linda is still screwin Ed

Dilly:I know it’s because Ed has that Penis Power
Dan:WOW I want Penis Power
by TedGundy October 29, 2019
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1). The capabilities and/or strength of one's penis
2). When soaked in toxic waste, there is a possibility one will accrue so called 'Penis Power.' This is when the penis of an individual grows to abnormally large lengths when aroused.

A known side effect is a light green glow around the penis and scrotum.
My penis power is much greater than yours!

Woah.. every time I jack off after the nuclear plant exploded, my penis grows to 3 feet! I must have Penis Power!
by Drumdude December 18, 2014
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A shout given amongst a group of males to express pride in being male.
Penis Power!!
by ThatDamnedNinja March 10, 2004
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Getting a female (or male) addicted to the power of one's penis, even when that female knows it isn't for her own good.
"The man that is living to ejaculate, he's in a predator-mode. He's gonna look for the weaknesses of a woman. A woman that's lonely, her vagina is cold. She's laying at bed at night playing with her toys, or she's got a man beside her that is a good provider, but he's not hitting the walls and working the middle like that dawg she's having that sneaky sex with...Penis Power!"
by COOLDUTCH April 19, 2007
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The act of taking your unsuspecting victim, putting your dick in her ass, then taking her upside-down and slamming her head first on to the floor as hard as possible.
I gave Samantha The Penis Power Slam so hard, her neck snapped and she went in to a coma for 3 years! When she woke up... I did it again!!
by Pubic Dreadlocks July 09, 2009
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