Any handgun that uses the caliber .45 ACP. See also four-pound.
Reggie yelled "throw me the pound" so I grabbed the .45 and threw it to him
by RedmaN November 29, 2004
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v. - to consume large amounts of alcohol in a limited amount of time
"Yo let's pound these brews before going in."
by thomas February 10, 2004
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1 Pound Of Marijuana = 16 Ounces = 448 Grams. I probably smoke about a pound every year...Scary shit.
by Diego December 3, 2003
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To have sex with a double cheeseburger (see also "pound one" and "I'd hit it"
"McDonalds wants you to pound a double cheeseburger"

"I'd hit it"
by Hugh Johnson April 20, 2005
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p1:how much is the party
p2:its olny a pound
by tiggie August 8, 2008
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v : To drink vigorously or "throw back" beverages. Usually implying cumulative drinking.
"I was driving for 26 hours straight, listening to "The Hobbit" on tape and pounding Redbulls."
by Antago May 11, 2007
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