To pound is to do anal and fuck the butt hole as hard as you can.
Serg took a mean pounding last night, he couldn't walk right for days!
by South Block March 24, 2014
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1. Pound is slang complete swag fags and douches tend to use for weed.

2. To beat the fuck out of someone.
A) fag1; "Dude, let's go smoke some pound!"
fag2; "YOLO!"

B) chick1; "I'd love to that mother fucker."
chick2; "Oh I fucking know. I think everyone would love to."
by go.die September 16, 2012
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A common douchebaggery term used by a great basketball team(aka the goon squad) to describe any of the most daily tasks. It can be used as a joke and still be funny, but when it is abused it just makes you sound like a fool. It is usually added to a task that you couldn't usually "pound" yet it has been used for a while.
G.S.= "let's all go pound spa brewmie, haha yee brew"
G.S.#2= "hah yea brewski lets all pound hot tub with a bunch of dudes, yeeee brewstar, Let's do some shit like that."
by S3KSHUN 8 May 20, 2010
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To delve into or attack something voraciously
I pounded the entire first season of 24 last night, I'm so feakin tired!


I pounded that steak straight off the Bar-B-Q
I pounded my cousin after he wouldn't shut up during my favorite movie
by Mr. Ian Bailey October 06, 2007
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I got to Pound State University.
Yeah, I was chillin' in Pound the other day
by Jasmin May 07, 2005
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