16 definitions by RedmaN

Hot girls with nice bodys who know how to toke and not choke.
Them cape girls are chill.
by RedmaN January 01, 2004
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A chicken that has been trained in the fine art of coffee making
The barooster ate the coffee bean , shat it out , dried to perfection then percolated it for it’s human customers .... “barooooostaaaa”
by RedmaN October 08, 2020
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michael jordans number when he played for the bulls
this is a code alert, my truck rim size the number on jordans shirt 23's go to work
by RedmaN April 01, 2005
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a dead piece of shit actor. his best role was not in Juice, but him playing a gangsta rapper. amazing how many people bought his performance when he clearly aint nothin but a bitch. his lyrics are fuckin wack, his rapping puts me to sleep.
by RedmaN March 30, 2005
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A fatass Colombian nerd who thinks he is a gangsta because he hangs out with drug dealers and a ladies' man cuz he goes to bars and gets rejected
Oh wow, Heatholder just made another unfunny thread
by RedmaN October 06, 2004
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A soft fat fag that rocks nothing but polos
Scarface is a fat bitch that cries when people insult him on the net
by RedmaN October 06, 2004
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