Automatic Colt Pistol.
Often used to refer to the .45ACP, designed by John Moses Browning.
ACP aslo refers to .25ACP, .32ACP, and .380AUTO.
"All I gots is misdemeenas an sum ACPs"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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Ancient Chinese Parents

These are the traditional Chinese parents who are completely unreasonable, unapproachable and over-controlling. They restrict and ban everything unless they are associated with school in a academic respect, meaning: No parties. No dating. No fun. Ultimate obedience.
"party!? unlimited drinks?! dammit, Can't go-ACP's"
by Evelyn Z. April 25, 2007
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Amazon Cloud Player, an Internet service run by for storage and streaming of a user's collection of music files.
Person #1: Do you want to listen to some Insane Clown Posse? I can use ACP to stream my collection.

Person #2: Yeah... thanks, but... I'm good.
by Apocralyptic April 21, 2011
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What you into tonight?
ACP my dude
by 113456 March 2, 2021
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An acronym used to describe African Americans - - who complain incessantly and act up, with the sole intention of getting their way.
Hey Richard, did you see that black lady at the bank, holding up the whole line, talking loud and asking for the supervisor? Uh huh, you know it -- ACP -- every time..
by NeoWordSmith June 27, 2004
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Admin Control Panel.
This is used for some websites using API material, for example ROBLOX uses ACP. But if someone breaches and admins account they can obviously get in there. Regarding the 2012 hack, This ACP is not known by some users.
Admin: What should I do in the ACP.
by PoopyTurd August 15, 2019
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