Perceived to be the 'original' or 'first' homosexual male, if such a being ever existed. The occasional myth that emerges from closed circles entails that the one Gay Lord ruled over homosexuals in early Mesopotamian times as a deity of sorts and if he still lived today, would be able to control every living gay man with a single thought. Some say that the homosexual 'essence' of the Gay Lord was / is the purest of all gays. To this day, it is unknown as to how the Gay Lord actually looked like, although there is much speculation on whether the Gay Lord still lives; locked away in deep slumber. It has also been said that the Gay Lord has no apparent connection with bisexuals or lesbians.
"Like you said palooka, the Kindred have their Cain and the homos have their Gay Lord.."
by SteevJ March 31, 2005
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Gay lord, or gaylord as it is more commonly know is someone with persieved male homosexual tendancies and/or it is an insult that is best served between the ages of 8 and 15 for it's full pain to sting. In later life it is more of a humorous thing to say in a retrospective 'it's all right' kind of way.
Stop that you gaylord or when the teacher go's we're going to smack you.

That was a rubbish throw you 'gaylord'
by Dan December 29, 2004
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A male homosexual, or a very effeminate man. Usually spelled as one word, "gaylord".
by shaboogie July 14, 2003
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Phrase for homosexual, commonly used in playground antics to trick others into calling themselves gay, as illustrated below.
"Did you see that film last night Gaylords Say No?"


"Well, that means you're a gaylord."
by Carrie March 26, 2005
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Just imagine and little skinny boy that lives in America (no offence to any Americans) and the kid's name is allen that's the best way of describing the word Gay Lord.
by Biden is the best November 11, 2020
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