1.Said in great moments of ecstasy
Whooo!!! I got some beave last night after my zoot zoot!
by The Sinner & The 31337 One November 22, 2007
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Usually rolled by the elite of potheads. Using a Cigarillo never purchased for the enjoyment of a cigar. The cigarillo or BLUNT is then broken down lengthwise and filled with Whacky Tobacky

more than 2.0g's worth then end product is now the size of a baby horse dick. using a lighter it is smoked and user coughs so hard he shits himself.
Teeray: hey yo dog you got that mhmmmmm

chilly willy:Word let me grab that shit out my buttcheeks

Teeray:Damn THAT shit smells so dank i gotta roll a whooo dooo
by BumBumMAN January 8, 2011
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An encrypted vocal word that nrothers use to fill empty spaces in there sentences, or also used if they dont want to explain a certain thing they dont wamt to explain
Bra, i told that fool to come outside because if i didnt wooo wooo whooo, my chick.gonna make.me.go home.
by The Mythical Black Man July 26, 2016
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