To be in a state of relaxation.
To act as a post.
What you up to? Nothin, just postin.
by Playa Duke January 27, 2004
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to chill.
to be chillen.
as if you were posted on a wall, your doin nothing,
your postin.
hey dude, what are you doin right now?

nothing man, just postin at my house.
by postin girl December 23, 2009
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kickin' it, chillin on the couch. sometimes watching "Herbie: Fully Loaded" with the niggas, and sometimes just chillin.
"Yo Jay"
"Whats good"
"Im postinnnn"
by PostinFaDays November 26, 2012
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to look at someone violently, mugging, bad look
(the bay area)
stussie: why dat nigga postin out the window??
b-town: we betta run, he planin a drive by...
by sandNword June 18, 2010
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when one proceeds to kneel, rest one hand against the wall and masturbate with the other hand
yo dude, i awoke last night to see my roommate Zak postin' on his bed
by Ryan Maroney September 13, 2006
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To front and/or profile; act like you got game; pose like you know the word; to boast, show off.
Possibly derived from basketball terminology; to high post is to position one's self offensively at the top of key. This can be taken as an affront to the defensive player's defensive prowess.
Mos Def says, "...I'm from Brooklyn
certain shit you just don't do
high-postin' when you far from
or like
high postin' when you all alone..."
by Benjamins at GSC February 10, 2006
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To post up is to chill somewhere. For example, someones home, a street, or any other location.
-Where you at?

-I'm just postin up at my crib.
by Mark Connor December 4, 2008
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