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(v., n.) to act like a possum
Look at that chick possumming about in that tree. What a weirdo.
by Raaaa July 25, 2012
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The act of touching someone sexually whilst they are sleeping, also known as the friendly rape.

Possumming is a victimless crime, who wouldn't want to be touched up in their sleep. Derived from the behavioural patterns of the possum. This animal plays dead while predators are near. It is very similar in the act of possumming only the possum is a person and the predator is a sexual predator.

You can get Possummed which is where you play dead or asleep whilst getting touched up.

The act of possumming is usually used by the person with a higher sex drive in a relationship, or teenage boys.

Possuming is not gender specific any one can possum someone else. girl on guy, guy on girl, guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl on girl, girl on guy on guy, guy on guy on guy, girl on girl on girl. Possummiung doesn't discriminate between the sexes.

The Three P's of Possumming

Position - where they are to you
precision - where you are touching them
persistence - if the roll over or wake up start again or reposition.
Jack was sleeping next to his girlfriend sarah and he is horny. He decides he would like to initiate sex with his partner. She is fast asleep, Jack decides to go in for a possum. he starts touching her all over and can see she is enjoying her self she wakes up and they have sex. In the morning Sarah says to jack what did you do to me last night Jack says you got possummed and start to laugh. sarah said it was bloody brilliant can we make possumming a regular event. jack says fancy a possum tonight, sarah says yes i love possuming its brilliant. (based on a true story)
by thecomedycaptain May 21, 2012
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