1.someone who calls other people poseurs
2. someone who changes who they are to impress others
3. someone who changes who they are just because everyone else did
1. omg you're such a poseur!
2. omg like a bought that new studded belt yeah I mean it's all right but I know that Jimmy will love me now that I have it
3. omg Amy got those pants with chains I think I'll get ones like them I mean everyones wearing them now!
by Devin January 15, 2004
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someone who cares more about the fashion of that music and talks shit towards bands and genres they dislike and is killing the beliefs of many true anarchists
poseur: wow thoose boots look tarif but mine are bigger so you are a poseur
posuer 2: well my belt has more studs than yours
posuer: no everyone has that belt
by Jimmi Waxx C. November 13, 2004
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Well, people say a poseur or a poser is someone who pretends to be something they arent. But when poseur is used on kids who like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, or even Avril, it is just a way for elitists to make themselves feel good. If you like poppunk, pop rock, plain old pop, GO FOR IT! Its all good. Only conformists listen to shit they dont like because they want ot be punk.
: Hey look at that poseur wiht the green day shirt
: shut up man, punk is thinking for yourself, let him listen to whatever he wants. Conformist bitch.
: chill out man.
: okay.
: so...
by Mike Rotch April 16, 2005
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Poseur or as many people say "poser" is someone who tries to fit into a group of people in an exaggerated way. like a skater poser will wear DC shoes and ride an element deck with spitfire wheels and independent trucks(companies which quite a few non skaters will recognize) and carry it by the truck to school and just stand around holding it not doing anything and will brag about things he probably hasn't ever landed and when asked to do them, he will probably say he doesnt feel like it.
he will probably rub his shoes against the griptape at home to make it look like hes a hardcore skater and cut the nose with scissors for kickflip marks.
Me: try to treflip that ledge man
Poseur: shit DUDE its so small. I need a big GNARLY ledge to do my tricks.
Me: okay it has a big side.
Poseur: Duhhhh... i rolled my ankle yesterday(hell say this really fast)
by calderon October 08, 2005
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A word used by certain people to insult others of their kind. This is word usually used in relation to music and skateboarding.
Look at Y. He buys his clothes at Store Q and listens to Band Z. What a poseur.
by Allerleirauh December 22, 2003
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Poseur is a truly moronic term used primarily by those who also meet the traditional definition of poseur (i.e. "trying to be something they're not". The reality is, though, poseurdom is a stage of adolescence. "Poseurs" are simply trying to find themselves, and, as a result, may go through nearly every phase there is. Just like you, the prep turned gangster turned goth turned emo turned skater is trying to establish who they really are.
The only reason one person refers to another as a poseur is because they wish to be seen as "hardcore" by insulting others.
by lacoste_lover January 22, 2006
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I am doing an etymology on this word and POSEUR is a correct spelling for the term, because the word is French.
"Only poseurs think there is only one spelling of the word. Idiots!"
by Ginger April 12, 2005
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