someone who changes so other people will like them more or to fit into a certian group putting all the like aside. poeple who are poseurs personally make me sick and need to learn to be themselves. some of my friends have become totally fakes and i barely know them anymore and they make me kinda want to punch them in the face.
"i like to do, say, and wear alot of things but people either think im weird or gay so im gonna try to be emo so my girlfriend and peers will like me more, even if someone who really cares about me thinks it makes me a poseur"
by i hope u get it now August 02, 2007
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the definition of poseur is
1- a fake person
2- a person who acts like something theyre not
3- a person who calls other people poseurs
4- a person who calls other people poseurs just to make themselves feel better
5- a person who thinks everyone else is a poseur
6- a person who is insecure with themselves so they put on a show
7- a person looking on this site to make sure they are not a poseur
1- "that girl is such a poseur because she shops at hot topic"
2- "man your such a poseur because you like bands from good charlotte to slipknot, and those are poseurbands"

people its stupid to label. i know labeling is out there. i like hottopic so what? i still shop at other places. call me what you want cuz i love being me
by so what? October 24, 2004
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{emo/goth, or say they are 'sk8ter' poseurs}Someone who acts different than themselves to look 'cool' to others. They might be shopping at areopostale one day, which they call the "prep store." because poseurs highly listen to stereotypes, but they next day they'll be buying everything at hot topic and buying Converse and then writing on them to be cool.
They often mimic the girls at school who are popular in their cliques and have boyfriends with side parted long hair. So they ditch their old clothes and take notes of what they wear and go to hot topic to buy them I.E. :Yeah i saw a stidded belt on her mypace, so i'm going to go buy one!" Then they buy a pyramid belt because their posuers. or, say their little poseur idols wear headbands but don't even use them to hold their hair back, they rush to claires to buy tons of lime green and black ones. But they on't tell anyone where they got them at, because they also think claire's is a 'prep store.'

they use anything as an axcuse to be emo. I.e. They get a rude comment on myspace and say "i think i'm going to be emo." even though they think emo means tight pants and a razor, with band tee's.

Poseurs call other people posuers, but they spell it "poser." Although the people that tell them this are either not popular, so they don't care, or 2, they were their little idols they mimiced so they tell everyone hlow mean they were to them, so they can act emo, and make themselves be better then them. Even though this is what they say prpes do, but noooo, they always say "I HATE PREPS LOL." even though they don't know what prep really means. They LOOK up internet slang, they usually say they like drugies, don't know what 4/20 is and if you ask them if they know and they don't, they search it on google. they Search lyrics on google and start singing them randomly to sound cool in groups of people, like they've heard the song a million times but don't even have that channel because they have cable and heard at a friends house.

Fuse is their favorite show.

They think cussing is so cool.

They copy original things people do on sites like myspace if the person isn't popular. they do anything to make themselves noticable to the the "emo boys that they could faint when they see."
they say 'this sumemr i'm getting an emo haircut and a bunch of clothes for hot topic."
they say things like 'i hate george bush" because others do, even though they know othing about politics.
they say their antri-social, and athiest. but when their idols say "god is my savor." They sprint to change their myspaces and while editing their profile about how they belive in god and their there savior, they also say athiest are "posers', thus, making themselves hypocrits.
They ONLY buy tight jeans, pipeline pants, or "sakter pants." that re ray or black.
if they are just turning poseur, they may wear the oly black clothes they have 8578966 times until they "get new ones from hot topic." the only cool shirt to buy is band tee's to them. black is suddentley their favorite color, their normal attitude is happywhen their around people they've known all their lives, but mellow and 'emo" around new people or peopl's who's cliques they are trying to be in. They wear their hair in their myspace pictures all over their face, but they don't in real life. they take pics in front of their "emo or Goth." clothes to try and show off, if they heard the word "gawth" spelled like so, they would try to be original and spell it like that 24/7. they think chatspeak is satans talk or something,and try and talk extrmely fancy because they think people who they think are emo or goth talk fancy and say things like I need...to have a conversation with you.

and yes they use a million 's and 's, they beg for pic comments so people willgo and see how poseur they are, but they think there "goth and emo."

really just sick of all the poseurs. sucks to the people who didn't know them before and can't see the huge act their putting up and are friends with them.

watch the show inuyasha with their friend, their friend says they can't wait for the next episode, they {the poseur} say "that was...gay." but then hear the "emo" boy at school saying he loves it and they go around telling everyone they love inuyasha. -_-;
A prime example of the poseur Mind: Instead of saying "weee! this rocks! i am so happy!" then say "My friends/people at school will think his rocked!" They live, to live up to others.

Get a guitar or act like they have a guitar to be 'cool'. Say they wear 'skater style." but don't own a skateboard. Waist their childhood sitting around at recess so people will think their emo. Only date guys who are friends with "emos'" who play instruments, look 'emo', or who 'wentout' with their enemy.
by Ashisaposeur August 10, 2007
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not poser. not poser. Not poser. No, it's poseur. Get it straight!

1) somebody who acts like what they're not and pretends to be something.

2) a tag along. somebody who tries to be you or copies you. someone who tries to tag along with you and your friends.
Sabrina: OMG, isn't Edward Cullen ah-mazing? He's so hot! I love the "Twilight" series!
Mandy: You haven't even read any of them. How can you say you like it?

Mandy: (to friends) Hey, let's go to the mall today!
Sarah (friend): Awesome!
Alice: (friend) Awesome!
Sabrina: Oh, what should I wear?
Mandy: Go away, POSEUR!
by Mary "Massie" Brandon January 24, 2009
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someone who has no idea what the fuck they're supposed to like, so they like what evryone else likes, and they DONT KNOW SHIT about whatever it is. It makes them look like total fags. usually try to skate and say that bands like Good Charlotte and Avril are punk.
"dude, look at joe, he's such a poseur, that little fag can't even ollie, look at his gay little good charlotte shirt".
by sir-j February 25, 2004
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Taken straight from dictionary.com, here is the actual definition of poseur:
One who affects a particular attribute, attitude, or identity to impress or influence others.
(French, from poser, to pose, from Old French.)

Contrary to popular belief, poseur can also be spelled "poser".. hence this definition from dictionary.com:
1) One who poses. 2) A poseur.

...for those of you who are still in denial, type both spellings into dictionary.com and see for yourselves.
Anyone who is not true to their own interests and tries to be someone else in attempt to look "cool" or "punk" or "scene" or whatever.
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People who think they are cool but are not. someone who changes their personality so that other people will think they are cooler. a poseur changes their appearance over 1 summer or so. aka getting an entirly new wardrobe just so they can dress like the people they want to be like.
Jaymie, Kat, Steph are all poseurs

and joe too lol
by missing in action July 08, 2005
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