Jaymie is one who loves to smile laugh and have a great time. When one of Jaymie's friend is looking down. She comes over to make them smile. Jaymie LOVES hugs so much! She lives for them. Jaymie has been heartbroken and manipulated so many times. Her friends always got her back when she goes through rough times. She cares a lot about her friends and will do anything for them. If you ever met Jaymie she may seem a bit bitchy at first glance. But if you get to know her she's a kind person.

If you fall in love with her. Hold on to her. Jaymie can get scared and do stupid things. She needs someone to care for her. In return she will love you with all her heart. Cause when she loves you let go. You may have lost her and she has lost herself.
DAM Jaymie your looking gorgeous.
You are so sweet Jaymie

That my bitch Jaymie
by fhajsdfalkfja July 30, 2020
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Jaymie (can be a girl or boys name) really likes music and is quite talented in some cases of preforming arts.she/he is not very keen on relationships unless they have a very close friend, jaymie likes to get to know their partner first and is into personality more than looks.he/she can be very pretty/handsome and likes themselves for themselves as they are not entitled to anyone elses opinion on them.Jaymie can be an emotional person and always likes attention off a close friend.
Jeese! They're such a jaymie!
I wish my friend was a jaymie.
by Secretøps August 17, 2018
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She is very hot and extremely cute. She is not keen on relationships but if she likes you then you better keep her. Jaymie likes to know the partner first and she likes personality more than looks. She doesn’t care about what others think of her. Jaymie will go out of her way to make someone happy (usually a partner or whoever she’s in a relationship with) jaymie is very talented but can be very blonde at times but she’s a sexy girl. Once you have her don’t let her go.
Wow is that jaymie, she’s a hottie

Woh I call dibs on her !
by Bdjxnwkwoxjsnak November 1, 2018
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Jaymie is the most loyal person to ever walk on this earth. If you mess with her you will regret it right after. She is HOT but just doubts herself. She can be mean sometimes. If a girl messes with her, her family, friends or anyone that means a lot to her, she will beat them till they bleed.
Random girl: Imma beat Jaymie ass
*Friend tells Jaymie*
Jaymie: Now what’s that shit you was talking BITCH?
*They start fighting*
*Fight breaks up*
*Blood leaking from girl face*
*Jaymie face being completely fine*
Jaymie:I told you bitch
People in the background:DAmN she just beat her ass!
by JJ11🤟🏽 October 12, 2019
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A person ( can be girl or boy) who is really cool and fun to be around with (can be used a nick name) .Or maybe your first love crush But normally used to be the greatest friend of all time
You are such a Jaymie
Who ? Jaymie? she is a joker
by Party4Life April 26, 2011
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Jaymie's are usually cute, smart and a light for when you're feeling down. They can make you laugh at anytime and quite often know alot in the subject of technology and science. They're very loyal and secure in relationships. If you ever get a Jaymie never let them go.
He's so adorable, he must be a Jaymie.
by Llamakitten May 16, 2019
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Jaymie is a very strong, Tall, Funny, tough, and cute girl. If you mess with her, or anyone close to her, she will beat you till you bleed. She can sometimes be really mean but sometimes be nice. She doubts herself sometimes but she is very cute. She is very flirty but that’s only with certain people. Most people that mess with her either end up bleeding, or With something broke. When you first meet her, you might Think she's nice, but when you get to know her, She's not that nice.
Random girl: Imma beat Jaymie up
Jaymie: *Breaks neck*
by JJ11🤟🏽 October 12, 2019
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