The correct spelling of the word poser.
A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not syn: poser
Man, those white kids are such poseurs
by Ben Hickey June 25, 2005
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basically someone who pretends to be something just because it's 'in' or 'trendy'. but it is NOT someone who changes their look every so often because the are experimenting and going through that thing called 'self discovery' or 'adolescence'. how to recognize a poseur/poser: if they call you or anybody else one. how to avoid it: just be yourself. don't fit into the stereotype of whatever.
do i really need one?

1) him: ha! look at that poser! that band is a poserband! (thinking: take down that band poster and destroy my cds).
her: *flippy finger*

2) the real poseur/poser: wasn't he punk last year? what a poseur/poser.
by Sabrina* June 08, 2006
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A poseur is someone who dresses untrendy, because they think it's the lastest trend. Poseurs don't really like they style they imitate; they just dress that way to be cool, popular, or just so people will like them. They are fake, pathetic people.
me: I was uncool before uncool was cool.
poseur: I'm uncool because uncool is cool.
by wateva August 01, 2005
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anybody who 'likes'/does/wears/listens to/supports something to either fit in or to stand out.
these people have no self respect and often no self confidence which leads to them constantly working their image and not being themselves.
anybody who labels themselves as part of a social sub-culture (eg. punk, goth, hippy etc) could be seen as being a poseur.
most people are, in fact, poseurs. especially those who spend their entire lives trying to be 'crazy' 'unique' or 'random'
their insecure natures often lead to frequent style changes.
poseur 1: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! Let's buy a shirt and be cool!!!

poseur 2: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! That's not fair! i love Emily the Strange, but I can never wear my Emily the Strange shirt again because people will think i'm a poseur!

Genuine Person 1: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. I
really like Emily the Strange and i'm glad that there is yet another place i can buy Emily the Strange products now.

Genuine Person 2: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. That's cool, but i still don't like Emily the Strange.
by wild_stylee May 31, 2005
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someone who tries to be something their not. Commonly used as the word "poser". A person who follows along w/ the crowd, not knowing shit about it.Also used by insecure 12 year-olds to boost their

my advice 2 ppl who read this: just be yourself

whoever calls you a poseur is this word:see asshole
I changed how I looked in the middle of the year because my views of life changed and people called me a poseur.
by Aimee December 21, 2004
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Someone who tries to fit in by pretending to like things they know nothing about. People who rely on the talent of great artists to make them look cool because they claim to like it. Most rappers who can't actually write their own music and have to scratch some classic rock song could be considered poseurs. Anyone who owns a guitar with no intention of ever really learning to play it. Anyone who has a picture of themselves playing guitar that doesnt really know how to play.
Stairway to Heaven comes on the radio...
poseur: I love Led Zeppelin!
non-poseur: *puts on Cashmir*
poseur: I love Puff Daddy!
(hint: if you don't get it you are probably a poseur)
by sanpaco January 21, 2006
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a person who calls someone else a "poser" because they both have the same UV earrings

an openly lesbian eighth grader who, for some reason, has a boyfriend

someone who listens to the worst music they can possibly find in order to avoid being "mainstream"

someone who is reading this to make sure they're not a "poseur"
I'm going to wear bubble wrap to school so I can be original.
by Flamingo Bob February 01, 2004
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