someone who trys to look or act seen when they are really far from it.
dude, you know that scene poser mary? she listens to bands everyone knows like the clash and nirvana but she got snake bites, a scene hair cut, and she put polka dots as her background on her myspace. what a scene poser.
by remain nameless January 13, 2007
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A want to be hoe, generally acting a little bit scandalous, but never really going through and doing anything too serious.
Dang that girl is such a poser hoe, she talks like she wants me but won't do a THING!
by Michael TM October 30, 2007
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scene kids ARE posers. 'scene kids' will make fun of other 'scene kids' so they don't feel like they're the ones faking it. No one should try to be a 'scene kid'. Scene kids think that if they hang out with a bunch of 'scene kids' they can call people dressed exactly the same as them 'scenesters.' scene kids know they're scene, try very hard to be scene, but will pretend that they came up with the whole trend and everyone copied them. They'll deny that they're scene at all, but that's just part of being 'scene'.
Scenester kids in mall: "Rawr look at that scene poser!"
*points to kids who have the same clothes, hair and music taste as them.*
Scenester kid: "ew they're so fake."
by agyness deyn show me pain August 31, 2007
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One who pretends to be someone whose not- poser + a fag
Avril Lavigne is considered a poser fag in the hard rock music community.
by Phobos March 06, 2007
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people who pose as something or someone they are not because their personalities suck so they tend to dress or act a different way just so they could fit in, and then they call other people poser punks coz they think their status would elevate somehow.

sometimes they can be confused with real punks because of certain issues. for example, a poser punk will listen to bands like blink182 or sum41, but sometimes there are real punks who listen to the said bands because they like it personally. and poser punks dress in all-out punk style, while a few punks dress in regular clothes because it's what they want to wear. as you guys have said, real punks don't care about the trend. they do what they want and they listen to what they want. but posers try to dress and listen to something they think they should want.
by benzophenone January 11, 2005
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A person who fills an empty Perrier bottle up with tap water and drinks it arrogantly.
Baltasar – Dave must be doing well. He is drinking Perrier and looking rich and classy.

Magnus – I saw Dave fill that Perrier bottle up with tap water earlier today.

Baltasar – Dave is such a Perrier poser.
by modestmorse July 17, 2012
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One who embellishes or even fakes a FaceBook status, to make their lives seem so much more interesting than it really is.
Did you see what Jake posted on FaceBook? We didn't get VIP seating to an exclusive club! We were seated near a window in a pub! He's so dramatic!!!! What a "Status Poser!"

Jessica the "Status Poser" is at it again! No guy gave up his umbrella to her, because he thought she was too beautiful to get wet! Give me a break, this is New York City. Nobody cares!!!!
by SSang October 25, 2014
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