Someone who pretends to be part of the 'emo scene' just to fit in, when they have no understanding of the music or lifestyle.

An example of what an emo poser would write on their myspace blog:

'well im 13 and im emo, it turns out that i turned out to be emo last year i was always depressed because my bf keep breaking up with me so i started cutting myself i only cut myself wen i was depressed, if i do i might commit suicide, it kinda addicting so my emo firnd (she also emo) told me to stop cuting and my bf broke up with me...'
Theirs one up there ^^ Emo poser :P
by Lulu The Magic Telephone April 17, 2009
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ok used to act like poser but NOT ANY MORE...
ok maby she did act like a poser but so what SHES NORMAL NOW GET OVER IT.....
by not sayin November 10, 2004
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there isn't really any poser bands, its just the posers that make them poser bands...if that makes any sense..

Just because those bands (ex: good charlotte, simple plan, etc.) are pop rock and all sound the same doesn't mean they are copying everyone else. They have just probably been influenced by the same music. maybe they don't want to sound like metal, they just want to play music and write meaningful lyrics (hopefully)
posers listen to bands like simple plan, good charlotte, blink 182, they make the bands look like poser bands even though those bands probably didn't mean to sound like everyone else
by mynameis_alex September 25, 2006
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Scene posers come to places like urban dictionary, google etc. and search scene just to see what scene people wear, do and act. They will then attempt to dress and act scene but infact be complete utter posers and fail miserably. Scene posers are very sad muchly like other posers. So dearest children if you are doing this to become scene go buy some originality cos' its so in right now (you see because I just said originality was in they're gonna go get some because they're such posers).
Britty(poser) (on the internet talking to friends and cruisin') - LIKE zOMGz RAWR niggaZ sup homies?!!?!?!?
Tash(normal) - Dude wtf happend to you...?
Britty- ZOMGZ i so LIKE totally visited to like BECOME so hardxcrorexscene CAUSE imma so better den you!!!!!
Tash- *cough* scene poser*cough* Dude haven't you heard of originality?
Britty - SHUTUP IM going to cry :'( cause i just got this wikid hair cut and all, -sobs- my LIFE SUCKS im so emo!
Tash- pffft get a life looser -blocks-
by Jazhmeen December 05, 2006
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*A person who seems to claim that he/she is emo.
*Trys to get attention by showing thier porposly made cuts.
*likes the following bands:my chemical romance,fall out boy,or panic!at the disco and a few more.
*Is rich and really has no problems in thier life.
*ONLY hangs out with real emos(who eventually find out how much of a poser he/she are and rejectes her/him).
*Thinks that thier life sucks.
*Follows all the rules to emo style.
*would actually look up emo poser to prevent from being called one.
A real emo would act like themselves and not ALL emos are the same every emo has thier own differences the only feature that they share is having emotioanal feelings.
emo poser:RAWK ON DUDE
true emo:0.0 what the hell is wrong with u i thoght u were emo
emo poser:yea im sooo emo i think im going to cut myself
true emo:what the hell fuck u
emo poser:i thought u were my friend
true emo:not with posers
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:why don't u just go home and cut ur self deeper
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:poser.....
by Anna rodriguez July 02, 2007
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Any one who thinks some skaters are gay because of the brand of clothing they r wearing. They usually suck and give other skaters shit to cover up the fact that they suck. they also usually brag about what they can do and then cant do it when you ask to see it. Some Skate Posers wear skate stuff but dont skate.
Skate Poser: Dude i Tre flipped 12 Stairs the other day
Skater: Really lets See it
Skate Poser: nah Im too tired

Skater: Nice Lakais do you skate in them
Skate Poser: Nah I dont skate i just wear them so people think im cool

by Clayton Rawles January 09, 2008
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A lot of people have been saying to be a "true punk" you have to not give a shit about anyone else, This is false. The whole point is to try to make a difference in the world. to change what's wrong with people and everything else. A poser punk would be one that only listens to their music and dress the way they do for the style, or vision in other people's minds. they do it to be cool. punk is about doing something real. poser punks listen to sell-outs, go to sell-outs for clothes, and in turn, will probably become a lawyer or doctor
Poser Punk: Hey, look at my cool new shirt from hot topic, its says sum 41, they are sooo hot! arent I awesome?

Real: Your life is just a endless cycle where everyone follows the same rules. How bout we not do that, and instead stand up for what we want, and believe. Hey cool a grey shirt for a buck!
by o.p-i.v January 29, 2011
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