A person who fills an empty Perrier bottle up with tap water and drinks it arrogantly.
Baltasar – Dave must be doing well. He is drinking Perrier and looking rich and classy.

Magnus – I saw Dave fill that Perrier bottle up with tap water earlier today.

Baltasar – Dave is such a Perrier poser.
by modestmorse July 17, 2012
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A person who thinks they know something about firearms, but really has absolutely no clue about a thing, and would most definately get injured in the presence of one.
Hey asshole, name one gun thats not on Call of Duty 4.

Damn he's such a gun poser...
by Yea I own a gun July 23, 2009
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Someone who says to be your self, yet thinks people are worse human beings for enjoying Blink 182.

See Insecure or Little Bitch
No one knows my favorite band! You like Blink 182? OMGWTFBBQ LOZL GO TO HELLz!1oneone
by Pat June 28, 2004
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A person who dresses "punk" like Rihanna so called "edgy" she looks more like an 80s wannabe reject. Usually the person who dresses like this is a poser who think she's so hardcore but yet listens to Chris Brown if you want be all hardcore listen to Matallica's first album and Iron Maiden you cheap cunts.
Ghetto Girl omg did you listen to Rihanna's song Shut and drive it's so rock and roll. Dude you are such a Rihanna poser.
by Vintage whore June 18, 2008
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Juanita: "Hola. ¿Habla usted español Raul?"

Raul: "Sorry, I don't know what you're saying."

Juanita: "Oh, so you're a poser rican?"
by ewic santiago October 12, 2008
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One who pretends to be a skateboarder. Most of these people are preps. These people can be recognized by their preppy status, and by their clothes. The brands most popular among posers are DC shoes, Element/Bam, and sometimes Circa.
Dude, Mary is such a poser. Yesterday, she was her normal preppy self, and now she is wearing DC.
by Ricky Benda May 23, 2005
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someone who doesn't know the difference between alternative rock, classic rock, heavy metal, death metal, pop punk, nu metal and possibly even indie. however, this poser will buy a guitar and take up lessons, in a way that will make you cringe seen as 90% of guys have alrealdy jumped on this bandwagon already. they act like they're really 'kwl' and go around proclaiming how good 'rock' is and telling everyone to listen to some 'decent' music, when they dont even know what theyre talking about. their music taste will probably change in a year anyway!!
Poser rocker Michael: arrr what you listening to Bob Dylan for, listen to some proper rock lololol how about Disturbed, they're awesome dude!!! or Sum41, rock on man!!!

Me: ARRRRRGHHHHHH p. off you poser rocker, do you realise you cliche you are?!?!
by tipp-ex April 18, 2009
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