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much like procrastination except you are busy looking through porn
Matt: did you do your english homework
Kevin: nope, that porncrastination can really get a guy off task.
Matt: haha what a DUMBASS! you DUMBASS
kevin: ...darn you porncrastination and your alluring pictures...
by Chilly Willy February 14, 2006
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Knowing you have porn to watch before your laptop runs out of power, but you can't leave a particularly interesting conversation or thread.
1) I was talking to this chick when I noticed I only had 7% juice left, damn porncrastination made me almost forget to masturbate!

2) As I was porncrastinating a very nice POV video I suddenly remembered I hadn't added porncrastination to UrbanDictionary yet, so I porncrastinated some more.
by KIRF October 21, 2011
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When you log on to your device intending to get some work done but have a crafty wank instead.
Me: How's the project going Tim?
Tim: Slowly for some reason.
Me: Too much porncrastination} so Tim

Me: Have you a creak in your neck John?
John: Yeah, I was doing homework but ended up porncrastinating, and now I can't turn around.
by Noutsidea June 14, 2018
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