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For pimp-ass mofos and gangstas;

Usually when one pinches the sides of your collar, usually on a polo or dress-shirt. You pinch the sides, and pull them up in self appraisal. It's a way of saying to the world, "look at how great I am". Almost exclusively male.

For preppy teenaged boys and girls;

Usually when the boy or girl unfolds the collar of a polo so that it stands straight up around the neck. It's supposed to be 'cool', but you can sometimes come off looking like Batman.
For gangstas; "You were popping your collar when I told you how sharp you looked in that velour suit."

For preps; "Nick was popping his collar in class today. At first I thought his ears were cold, but then I realized he thought it was 'cool'."
by BrandySwizzles August 06, 2006
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