A thugged out way of asking how someone is, or what they are doing.
Yo, nigga, whas popin'?
by BootylishuzBabe April 21, 2004
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popin... uh used by most crips or whom ever
yo cuddie whats popin yo
whats popalockin
then they will go CLLLAAAAAATTTT
by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004
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Commonly used as a replacement for "up" in the phrase "what's up?". Sees some usage outside this setting, though these are typically explicit in nature.
What's popin B? Let'shit up the thrift store and buy a couch!
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 8, 2017
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Popinator is the nickname you give to the kind of guy you know who will both hype you up during a rap battle - but also help you with difficult math problems. He's the kind of guy who will play the corny sequence from 'Smoke on the water' by Deep Purple on an acoustic guitar - but make it seem cool.

Popinator has a presence you won't forget in the first place, he's versatile and will live on in your memory no matter if you meet him once or on the regular.
I love when we hang out with Popinator - there's never a boring moment.
by Hickups44 May 9, 2021
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Yout one- my nigga
Yout two- what's popin
Yout one- Na it's dead you know
by Twe December 30, 2016
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