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!. a word used to describe an individual of the male gender who by all outward appearances, tries way too hard either to be cool or to exhibit a particular stereotype, or tries to use a certain hooby to make themselves more attractive to women but does not make any money off of said activity. This includes but is not limited to, bleached hair, surfer hair, tattos, muscle cars, lifted trucks, facial piercings, frequent lies, chest bumping, cock waving,fauhawks, muscle flexing, expensive sunglasses, european cars, Sports jersies, single color outfits, sports apparel, cowboy hats, trucker hats, black eyeliner, bangs covering half the face, tight pants on guys with no ass, skateboarding and sagging.
Friend: hey whats up with that carrie chick?

Me: she's dating some douschebag who cant decide if hes a redneck or a gangsta.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
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Used in many ways to describe an utter shit stain on society.

Can also be used to joke with a friend, or haze an enemy.
I can't believe you pulled the philly fakeout on laura last night, Bob. What a douschebag!


Jim actually ditched us for a fat chick last night. I wanna beat that douschebag's ass.
by Steven Hooker January 08, 2008
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N: A person who is dirty in all aspects, human excrement, the bottom of the sewage system.

N: An insult used to make someone think very deeply and then realize what a horrible person they are.

N: A cum sponge.

Interjection: Used when someone says something utterly retarded and you just have to stop them.
Jasen: "Yeah, I was raping this baby monkey yesterday and he was like-"

Ron: "No, fucktard, quit being such a douschebag, that's retarded."

Jasen: Hey, sorry man, you didn't have to go call me a douschebag though, I'm going to go and cry now."
by the_ronness June 03, 2005
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