Where you run up to anyone with something in their hands, twat it out and shout poppen at the same time.
Person1:"GO ON! Poppen Sian!", Person2:"OK". Person2 runs upto Sian like a nob and smashes whaterver she has in her hands on the floor and shouts "Poppen!", then runs away again.

Invented by Jonny.
by dffjdbsdjbjbsjbs June 02, 2006
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poppen is a new fast growing sport that is the art of smacking something out of ones hand. To perform poppen one must run up to somebody who is holding something and smack it out of their hand shouting 'poppen' at the same time.

poppen was invented by the imfamous Jonny Read and Anthony Wright with the phrase 'poppen de chipen' but this was when poppen only smacked chips out of peoples hands. Later Poppen spread to any type of food and now poppen is just anything that anybody is holding. If you poppen somebody however the consequences can be severe so if you decide to poppen somebody then RUN LIKE FUCK!!!!!
Dan: Hey Mike you want this cake? *Holds cake out*
Mike: ...POPPEN! *Smacks cake out of Dan's hand**Laughs*
Mike: *Runs*
Dan *Chases*
by HellsAvenger June 18, 2006
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The act of fucking a girl in the ass for the first time.
Terry had dibs on Maddy's ass but I poppened it anyway.
by alex-the-kid May 29, 2005
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