When you pop your collar, you reach up to the shoulder of the correspoding arm or across the chest to the opposite shoulder, and, using your index finger and your thumb, you pull up on the shirt and let it "pop" down, hence the phrase. It is perfectly acceptable to pop your collar whenever you have accomplished a great, admirable feat, such as busting a sweet dance move, pwning the entire opposing team by yourself, or to establish your extremely high playa factor.
Derek, obviously outmatched, kills all 4 of his enemies alone. Derek pops collar, and TJ holla's "Thats right, pop your collar home boy!"
by Big Playa D Rock March 17, 2006
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To flip your collar up on your polo shirt. Very common practice for guys in fraternities and other college-age preppy types. The guy who does this is often referred to as "that guy."
Ronald could never convince anyone that he really popped his collar for practical neck insulation and was not in fact "that guy."
by Nick D January 26, 2005
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popping your collar is a gesture meaning that you a pimp, E-40 started popin his collar first. you do this when your dancing, takin a picture or whenever you feelin fly. you could also cogratulate a playa by poppin his collar, like when he's dancin with 2 dimez.
your walking by a homie at the club and you see him dancin with a tight breezy, so you pop his collar thus congratulatin a playa for his skills. you could also say "pop your collar, mayne" while poppin his collar.
by bigbadnorteno415 August 11, 2006
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When one pops the collar up on their shirt(s). Mulitple shirts can be popped at one time. This practice is mostly done by somebody considered "preppy."
Don't pop your collar. You look like a douschebag
by Wor. January 14, 2006
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Homie1: This busta be dissin' ma ho. I'll blow him a new one.
Homie2: Pop ya colla, home boy, we'll get him.
by Flanders August 8, 2003
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For pimp-ass mofos and gangstas;

Usually when one pinches the sides of your collar, usually on a polo or dress-shirt. You pinch the sides, and pull them up in self appraisal. It's a way of saying to the world, "look at how great I am". Almost exclusively male.

For preppy teenaged boys and girls;

Usually when the boy or girl unfolds the collar of a polo so that it stands straight up around the neck. It's supposed to be 'cool', but you can sometimes come off looking like Batman.
For gangstas; "You were popping your collar when I told you how sharp you looked in that velour suit."

For preps; "Nick was popping his collar in class today. At first I thought his ears were cold, but then I realized he thought it was 'cool'."
by BrandySwizzles August 6, 2006
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