like when your leaving the diner and some spic and his posse are causin a ruckis in the parking lot and then he comes to the door talkin about wanting to fight and he says "yo nigga you wanna pop off"
by i pay his check January 14, 2006
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A promiscuous female. One who is falatious and rather always "hot" in the pants.
Hoe/ Whore
Yo! We all scraped out on this pop off.
by Jae O May 17, 2005
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In the world of science it was confirmed that woman can in fact do pop offs
via giphy
by Memebuster69 December 27, 2016
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A girlfriend/ho who isnt actually your girlfriend but someone is used to handle your sexual needs
by Spanish Jose April 06, 2008
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This term means essentially, get the hell out of my face.
Yo, why is you messin' wit me, pop off niggah.
by Angel February 25, 2004
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large douche bag, might bite, and will always be an asshole, originates in the public bathrooms of macedonia and some place in detroit.
Dude...stop being a popoff you dickfore.....
by Sarah and Brianna November 29, 2005
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