the act of achieving "great success," AKA getting in a solid fuck following and/or during a party

**Note that the verb pop off can also be used to signify non-fucking activities including making out, fingering, ass eating, BJs, strawberry shortcaking, and dirty sanchez'ing

**Also note that, under extenuating circumstances, this verb can be utilized to denote the lit atmosphere of parties
Adam: Yo, you trying to pop off tonight?

Rohan: Absolutely my neighbor!
by Adam696969 September 30, 2017
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a girl that flirts or that has sexual contact with more boys than usual. Dem chics that u just have in your phone for a quick nut.
POpoff can also be shortened to pop
Jennifer a popoff because she had sex with Chris at Robs party last friday an yesterday she went into the basement with my brother.
by shay_jones30 April 21, 2008
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pop off: an urban term used to insult a person, usually, but not exclusively, female, by applying the appellation of a whore
When La Quita walked in on her man with Precious, she called Precious a pop off and snatched up the girl by her weave.
by TooSick4U June 10, 2008
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To recklessly interject your opinion into a situation you have no experience with. To offer unqualified opinions. Reckless action.
Folks want to pop-off and have opinions about what they think they would do. Johnny tried to pop-off medical advice to a real doctor.
by Dalkore January 22, 2016
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1. Is when a male or female gives a man a hand job and he ejaculates.

2. A form of masterbation

I didn't have time for a quickie, so I gave Sean a pop off .

Toni popped me off before I went to work.
by Ms. Shana January 26, 2007
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<verb> slang term meaning 'to pop pills,' usually ecstasy.
Before we hit up the club, you tryna pop off?

First I'mma pop off, then I'mma smoke this L.

Why do his eyes look like that?
Oh he popped off earlier.
Oh he's rollin.
by DaInfamousKB August 28, 2007
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