a person who is loyal, funny, sweet, caring, fricken adorkable, and always there for me.
a person you can't help but fall in love with.

a smexy playa with undeniable charm.
a clumsy loser, who can't shoot a basket.
most of all, a corny dork whom i love.
"aaah! stop missing the hoop! i don't need any JayJays at the finals."
by miss dork. April 24, 2010
A Funny kid that everyone keeps around for laughs. This perso is hopeless when it comes to love but he never gives up. Jayjay is a loyal caring friend and is always your go to third wheel. At first JayJay will seem very quiet but eventually he’ll warm up too you. JayJay’s are usaually diffrent from the rest of the people in his group but in a good way. You should never underestimate a JayJay’s intellectual
capabilities. In the the end a JayJay is a lazy, funny individual that can brighten up anyone’s day.
Hey can we go to the movies only if JayJay comes along.
by Henry.c November 19, 2018
A fine ass nigga who plays basketball and gets all the girls very smart charming very romantic.
After he takes u home u drop dead in your bed wondering if he texted you
The person I’m talking to name is Jayjay
by Queenkayla432145 February 28, 2018
a term females use as a synonym for pajamas.
I'm about to go put on my jayjays before I watch The Princess Diaries and fall asleep.
by CowTippingDwarf94 September 1, 2012
Short for vajayjay which is slang for vagina. This is a derrogatory term used to describe an immasculine man.
That kid who sits next to me is a real jayjay!
by Haley & Jenny & Jasmine December 20, 2007
This is a cuddly little 16 year old kid who works at a car shop or something. This thing is totally unaware that people are watching him at every moment.
yeah hes a woman :-)
by Intel-Me August 3, 2004
grace barlows whipping boy. her little bitch, he look like the chef from ratatouille if he did cocaine. a mediocre personality and a rubbish shell.
he a jayjay/totally
by RICHBITCHHH January 5, 2019