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This would in fact be a pet name for someone you love or show affection for.

It is the most loving creature known to man and no one can fully describe how incredible they are. Most found in the wild have strange affinities for bad fashion, yellow hats, and Star Wars. Besides other known quirks such as getting lost and rambling, the pookiebear is actaully most charming. He is often known to be a "feet sweeper", an "angel", a "prince", and a "blessing." In rare circumstances he will utter words like "snooglaie woogalie", making the one he tells it to vow to never ever utter those words to him in a public setting. He's been known to sometimes bear candy and flowers, and he always appears with a smile on his face. The Pookiebear is known to be a complete gentleman at all times no matter what the circumstance. He's sincere and compasisonate with a gentle heart and an unshakeable love for others. Many times the pookiebear will give giant "bear hugs" to show its appreciation or affection. They are usually found with big blue eyes and poofy brown hair, but one of the signature traits of the pookiebear is it's immense love for 70s fashion. Though repulsive and at times frightening, these 70s traits can usually be outweighed by the pookiebear's love. At times he can be clumsy mistaking his fingers for carrots or somehow causing himself to leak. He's hardworking and diligent, never letting a task end until it had reached perfection. He gives of himself daily always putting others far before himself, and he often can render you breathless simply by catching your eye. In all documented cases, he is known to win the very heart of those he loves.

They are sought after and considered precious to all who know and encounter them. There is no dollar amount set on a pookiebear for they are priceless. A few words of advice: If you ever happen to find one, never let them go. They will be the greatest blessing that you ever recieve.
Hey there Pookiebear!

You know I love you Pookiebear...
by Tops April 08, 2006
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Used in the excalmatory form, the word "Pookiebear!" can have several different meanings. Some of those include the following:

1. What do you mean you're leaking (bleeding)?!?
2. Your car windows were open when it rained?!?
3. Why haven't you eaten?!?
4. You haven't gotten any sleep?!?
5. You didn't get your tetnis shot?!?
6. That wasn't a very nice thing to say!!!
7. Your next girlfriend won't like that either!!!
8. I would never ever say anything of the sort...
9. You're questioning me?!?
10.I love you!!!
by Tops May 23, 2006
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A nasty cat that had kittens and ATE the placenta(.EW.)Then fucked a million more cats. Basically a cat thats a hoe.
Man that pookiebear needs to get it's sorry ass fixed.
by katanddani April 21, 2006
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