Generally considered a mild insult, as compared to stronger varieties such as shitface, shithead and so on. Usually considered somewhat childish, and for that reason generally confined to more informal situations (or use by children). Some children find it amusing to repeat this word indefinitely. Pooface is sometimes used in conjuction with adverbs which strengthen its meaning, e.g., "complete pooface", or "total pooface".

Many other insults are related to, and possibly derived from, this one, for instance, shitface, shithead, craphead, dunghead, shitbrain, etc. All of these words share the common structure "word for faeces" + "word for part of head". There is also a more general category of words which have the structure "some kind of vaguely insulting substance" + "body part", e.g. "cheese-dick", "strawberry-dick" (note that hyphenation varies with these types of word, although you will rarely see "poo-face").

A word which is related to pooface is rondabe, which is often discovered by accident when someone is writing a predictive text and tries to type "pooface". For some reason, many predictive text systems prefer the word "rondabe" over "pooface". No-one knows why this is, however. Incidentally, rondabe is the absolute certified coolest word in the world, by a margin of 58%. The nearest contender to its crown of coolness is globule, which has only 538 coolness points, and was used by Queen Elizabeth II in the Queen's Speech of 2002 in order to highlight her coolness.
Pooface, pooface, pooface, pooface, pooface, pooface, pooface, pooface! Pooface, pooface, pooface, poofaceSHUDDDUUUUPPP!!!!
by Tinarm April 26, 2006
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a triangular shaped head with a partial brown hair type covering, usually attached to the top of a short fleshy tower.

Poofaces are indigenous to Kitchens and Dairy Queens. Because of their small stature, poofaces can hide in rooms easily. Unlike House Hippos, Poofaces have a more skeletal appearance.
pooface ha ha you looked
by miteaswellfukitol June 26, 2010
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somebody who has a turd stuck to their face.
somebody you dont like.
A lame insult used by clueless people or primary school kids
"HAHA, you have a turd stuck to your face!"
oof, your such a pooface
by Gandy Aowanlock August 31, 2006
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>someone who is very mean. Almost like a back stabber
>Someone who is really ugly, poos alot.
Edna ross has a really bad pooface.
by brianna g February 09, 2008
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B-man i believe that your definition is very poor. A pooface is someone with faeces on the visage, through eating or otherwise. I could turn you to a pooface by hurling my excrement in your ugly face.
Also you have splt mani wurds wrng thruowt.
Yours Sincereely
"hoh ho ho you have animal dung on your nose.Fool"
"I hate your dung smeared face, pooface!!!!!."
by Bob "Bob" Bobson February 16, 2005
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When you get absolutely pissed up and can't see what your doing, as if someone has put shit in ur eyes.
''Yo homey how was the party last night?''
''Can't remember mann got absolutely poofaced!''
by Mikee dizzle April 29, 2007
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