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1. a person or thing with crap for brains, or acting like they have crap for brains.
Katie, you are SUCH a craphead.
by Kimi12 July 30, 2003
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Usually someone doing something ornery and stupid. Such as making fun of you.
Shut up you fucking craphead.
by mergerrr October 21, 2003
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The Oklahoma state legislature, according to U.S. Representative and 2004 GOP Senatorial candidate Tom Coburn.
Actual transcript, I am not making this up:

COBURN: Look, economic development in southwest Oklahoma is a federal role. Do you really believe that?

MALE CONSTITUENT: To some extent, yes sir.


MALE CONSTITUENT: Uh, because the development that we need is above our means.

COBURN: No it's not. It's because you have a bunch of crapheads in Oklahoma City that have killed the vision of anybody wanting to invest in Oklahoma.
by MarkusRTK October 16, 2004
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Crap Head: a comonly used term... for the insane!!!! mooohahahahaha!!! naw, it means a very stupid or mean person, or just a general insult.
u fuckin crap head!!!! get the fuck away from me!!!
by lenny April 05, 2004
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