The poo manchu is similar to a dirty sanchez, however additional lines of poo are drawn perpendicular to the horizonal mustache. Similar to a fu-manchu, except with shit.
I was banging this girl and things got freaky. She was tired of the Dirty Sanchez, so she asked for a poo manchu.
by B Kuhl December 28, 2009
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when a woman has a bearded asshole strongly resembling the mustache and goatee of a chinese wiseman.
yo I was just about to eat her asshole when I was stared in the face by her poo manchu
by jman31 February 21, 2009
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To draw a fecal moustache on your partner using your finger or penis after having anal sex.
Alternate definition, see Dirty Sanchez.
Although she wasn't Asian or male, Darlene sure looked the part after her lover gave her a Poo Manchu.
by Su Nam April 05, 2006
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A fecal moustache, applied with the penis or finger following anal coitus, resembling the Fu Manchu moustache of Sino-origin
Dude, I gave that bitch a poo manchu last night.
by Harold P. Whitcomb July 10, 2008
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