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A ponytail holder as described by a man out of touch with pop culture. He hails from some weird state like MissourAAAAh. He recently met the greatest woman ALIVE and is thanking his lucky stars on the daily that she has 'saved' him from a life full of open source code and sausage parties.
My cat just ate my ponytailer and is gonna be sick later.

My girlfriend keeps wearing my ponytailers home from my house in the morning...maybe I should cut my hair short like a man...
by Erin, the greatest woman alive February 27, 2011
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Mexican restuarant the nerds at the Army Research Lab love to lunch at. Twelve nerdlings go to lunch and then have the balls to demand seperate checks. They love La Tolteca so much they visit the Aberdeen and Churchville locations in the same week. Diarrhea ensues.
Erik, 'We gotta go to La Tolteca today so I can get my card punched for my free lunch on friday.'

Erik, 'Let's go to La Tolteca today for lunch so I can make stinky dog farts at Erin's house tonight.'
by Erin, the greatest woman alive April 20, 2011
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The intense joy that is found coming off a three year dry spell. "I forgot how good sex was with another person."
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