A fit endowed guy who fucks happily-married wives and girlfriends with the husbands' and boyfriends' permission, but without the bi-play or humiliation of the other man that bulls typically engage in.
My boyfriend found a stallion to join us in making my DP fantasy come true.
by SecretPlayWife July 19, 2017
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A term highlighted by Megan thee stallion meaning a woman that is tall and fine (5'7 and over).
"Damn, wassup mama you fine you a stallion!"
by theestalli May 20, 2019
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a) tall, thick bitch
b) chick who is fine as hell (e.g. thick in the thighs, at least 5'7" and above)
Damn, that girl is a stallion!
by bea, janelly, shanica May 2, 2007
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an attractive female who is curvy (thick) (got body)
Nigga #1: "Damn look at her ass!"
Nigga #2: "DAYUUUM! Dat bitch got body!"
Nigga #1: "Hell yea!! Dat bitch is a stallion!"
by Najiyyah Phipps February 19, 2008
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A girl so wild, so beautiful, so aggressive that she is untameable by man!
"Damn that girl is in stallion mode! She swigged that bottle and kissed 7 guys!"
"Kathy Tran the stallion, likes to eat man, as much as she can!"
by cowboy1989 November 16, 2009
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A girl who knows how to ride the cock.
i got me a stallion, she rides me all night
by vlas r. January 16, 2008
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a term used to describe a Heterosexual male who is acting or dressed gay or a flaming gay guy
Say Stallion, you look hot in those tight jeans, wanna toss my salad?
by janeym January 11, 2008
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