An island connected to the civilised world by a series of bridges. Luckily, this place is easily avoided by use of the M27. A funny smell is a common occurance from this area - usually of fish or raw sewage.

The Pompey 'fans' are known as skates and their team play at a place with is alledgely a football pitch. During the week, this is also used for grazing livestock.

A rather pointless and dreary place not worth visiting - avoid at all costs
Remember to get your jabs if going to pompey.
by Yoda-jedi October 14, 2006
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A dwelling place on the south coast of England. Famous for the inbreeding of its population, which numbers almost 200,000 yet is reckoned to be completely related through just three generations. The average age of pregnancy is 13 although that is just an average.

When the Pompey football team host a home game and as many as 1,000 Millwall fans turn up, it is reckoned that the average IQ of the city rises by as much as 30 per cent during those two hours.

Pompey inspired Charles Darwin’s theory when he returned from his famous voyage on HMS Beagle and wrote the Origin of Species. The people of Pompey were he reckoned the missing link. Knuckles trailing along the ground wearing grooves in the pavement seemed to bear this theory out.

It was following a bombing raid on Pompey that the British Government considered paying the Luftwaffe for making such great improvements to the city.
Pompey is city of slums and inbred inhabitants
by Alf Tupper March 06, 2006
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An island on the south coast which is reclamed land, this was done a long time ago by dropping stones and rock and cement and there you have it portsmouth , I think its about 800 years old but your better off checking the history books to be accurate.
I was born there , we have the most famous and best sk8 park in the country , dont take my word for it ask the bmx and sk8 board magazines and they will tell you .

As for football what can i say apart from we done it before and we can do it again .
portsmouth is also home of the royal navy.
On the mainland there is a place called cosham where they have a brand new big hospital , which comes in handy , the qa has been rebuilt at a cost of £2.5 billion of tax payers money .
I think the best part is portsdown hill and the view point car park and the churchillian pub , the pub was named after the great man cos he use to drink in there when he was doing his millitary business , the view point car park at night is amazing with all the lights and that , there is always people there 364 days a year 24hrs a day .
pompey island sk8 park royal navy football
by locks heath renegade master February 23, 2011
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pompey is place were every body sticks up for one another. and ard place. we hate scummers.its broke up into little areas like buckloand,stamoshaw -- all of them ad-- pompey had the ardest crew "657"- and got ard ppl init pompey !!- and got bestest footballl supporters in the world
whos the ardest pompey init blud
by crendz October 21, 2008
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Englands greatest city, full of geezas who hate scummers and love to stamp on their fat heads. By far the best city in the south. scum's shit and no where near Pompey, just look at the Premiership table. hahahah
Pompey till we die. we hats scum. u little faggots.
by Towner April 11, 2005
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Slang both for the city of Portsmouth (in the UK), and its football team (Portsmouth FC).
I'm taking the ferry to Pompey.

Pompey beat Southampton three nil.
by MuffinsTheGreat April 16, 2008
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The art of sexual dominance whereby the male, at reaching the vinegar strokes during a knee trembler will spaff in the young lady's hair and then tip the contents of a nearby ashtray over her head and massage the emulsion into a nasty cocktail.
Lady Ophelia ran from the Library shrieking. The other guests poured into the corridor from the Ballroom and asked cousin Edgar what the commotion was about. Fastening his breeches he replied, "I haven't a clue what the problem is, one would have thought this was her first pompeiing!"
by The Johnst April 03, 2007
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