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The best football team outside the top 4 and the best team on the south coast. FA Cup winners and Asia Cup Winners Respectivly, and Runners up in the Community Sheild. Thier Local Rivals, Scumhampton, Are uber crap and are on the brink of going down into the non-league.
Play Up Pompey. :)
1- I support Portsmouth FC.
2- Oh really? i support southampton FC.
1- Who?
by Pompey4life August 18, 2008
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Portsmouth FC or Portsmouth Football Club, Is a small football team on the south coast of England managed by a fat ageing man. Portsmouth FC are also one of the most overated teams in Premiership Football with a team entirely made up of OAP's and rejects of decent clubs.
The team play their home games at Fratton Park, which resembles a recreation ground.
One of the main supporter chants of this club is
"Play up Pompey, Pompey play up"
This is commonly returned to them by the oppostion fans as,
"Fuck off Pompey, Pompey Fuck off"
Portsmouth FC spend each football season desperately trying to avoid relegation.
Guaranteed six points for all opposition of Portsmouth FC
by TWM July 01, 2006
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