A supreme scrub or person who demonstrates a excessive amount of scrubbyness. Typically a person who is not majestic in any way. However, not all scrubs are thickets, as scrubs can be fabulous.
Spencer was being such a thicket today.
by MiserableScrub March 18, 2015
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The collective noun for a group of Chav's.
"Look at those wankers"
"You mean a Thicket..."
"No wankers"
"A group of chav's is called a Thicket"
"Yeah wankers..."
by Spyro18 February 8, 2005
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Term that may refer to the upper pubic hair, on top of the vagina. Simply for the reason that it isn't just a little hair or landing strip, but rather a forest or gigantic swarm of bush. It looks like chewbacca's face
Man 1: Dude look at her crotch, you can see her landing strip!

Man 2: That's not a damn landing strip that's a thicket!!
by TheConMan August 7, 2010
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an extraordinarily thick or dense growth of hair between a mans ass cheeks.
"I noted a well developed thicket sprouting from his crack when he got up to take a slash"
by c.sage January 7, 2008
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Should be Dubya's surname
That's not a Bush, it's a thicket!
by zutroy May 17, 2004
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what a bunch of wankers

no, a group of chavs is a thicket

same difference
by Batman February 8, 2005
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a disease that infects young girls and causes an abnormally round, juicy ass to develop. The origin of the disease is not fully known, though genetics may contribute. Most likely it is due to eating too much hormone-induced meat while in adolescence. The disease is contagious only in the sense that once you have a girl with this disease, your appetite for others becomes insatiable.
Dwayne: "Damn son look at Thickie Lake over there with all that ass!"

J: "yeah she got a classic case of the thickets!"
by steady.elegance May 12, 2009
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