A term used to refer to relationships and situations shared by individuals of the same sex, although virtually always used exclusively to refer to relationships between men. The term has no sexual connotations, and so is very much in contrast with "homoerotic" in academic use.
The gymnasium is a traditionally key homosocial environment in western culture.
by Yst March 8, 2005
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Example should include the word "homosocial"
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A close, non-sexual relationship between two people of the same sex.
When a bro loves a bro without touching wieners, yo.(homosociality)
by GOTspence? August 10, 2009
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Often mistaken as a bromance, the homosocial man is far from homosexual. The homosocial man likes to get away from the ladies, spend some time with his mates and watch copious amounts of sports. They can often be found in pubs and clubs, chilling out and playing pool, sinking some drinks, or chatting on the smoking deck. They are easily identifiable by the fact that they seem more interested in talking to one another than anyone else and are comfortable with that fact. Essentially, it is a mans bro time!
Man 1: Oi bro, my missus is full pissin' me off aye.
Man 2: Yeah dude, I get that.
Man 1: She wants me to spend every second with her.
Man 2: That's so unrealistic.
Man 1: I know.
Man 2: It's cool man. We'll play some pool, bet on some horses, drink our sorrows away and talk about them when we start getting drunk.
Man 1: Cool. Thanks bro.
Woman 1: Hey, look at them. *points to men*
Woman 2: They're so homosocial.
Woman 1: I know right? Cute. ;)
by Azriel Naya'il March 14, 2011
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The stated doctrine of Leftist politicians that instructs its adherents to fuck America in the ass.
Barack Obama is fighting to be the next great patriarch of Homosocialism, seeking to plug 300,000,000 American asses for a full four-year term.
by Gerald Busey February 19, 2008
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One who is truely Homosocial will be realistcally found spending a large majority of their time online social media.
Mohammad is so Homosocial, he spends all his time messaging when he could be out cleaning his shoes.
by Boratsmonkey October 18, 2015
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An individual who has many romantic experiences and spends a great deal of time with members of their own gender yet are physically attracted to individuals of a different gender.
You would think she's a lesbian because of her lifestyle, but no, she's a homosocial heterosexual.
by Aria Nunyabiz April 12, 2010
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