polish people are "people"
by aiyssa February 10, 2021
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are polish people gay? ... ex : hey are you gay?? - someone whos not polish

omaigad very!! - someone who is polish
by fleffixa November 17, 2021
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What I mean by this is that they’ve been isolated from Western society so much. So they don’t understand Western civilization very much. So they don’t really understand what’s going on in the world today.

For example, I knew a Polish girl that was straight. But I later found out she was becoming a borderline lesbian. She told me she didn’t want to have a man. And when I told her those people she was hanging out with were just bullying her. She said “I hate you. Die.”

Couple years later I find out she has a boyfriend and a job now. Turns out some of the wrong people really were just influencing her, and she just wanted to fit in. Wasn’t a real lesbian I guess.

Polish people often migrate to Western countries like the UK only to find out it’s not what they were hoping it would be. They are confused, because they’re whole country is basically a buffer zone for the West, and they don’t realize the truth about WW2/the Jew thing. lol. They’re still buying Holocaust and Anti-Russian propaganda. So they don’t know the truth and are confused.
the Polish people are confused

UD Jews, I’m talking to you
by Death Menace September 21, 2022
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UD Jews, I’m talking to you guys.

I noticed a lot of them tend to be paranoid. They seem worried to me.

A lot of them have tried to elude me and seem to be doing everything they can to be cautious.

A lot of them are acting proud, but I think it’s just an act. To me, they seem paranoid and insecure. And I think they know something is up, but they don’t talk about this or tell anyone.
the Polish people seem pretty worried
by Death Menace October 29, 2022
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