The exact position a mans cock is currently located. Whether it be inside a womans meat curtains , or just hanging there with the breeze in his pants. Pole positions are very important in terms of pleasure and comfort.
(Wife) Honey could you adjust your Pole Position ? Its a little too far up there !!!

(Man) Sure hon , didn't mean to pierce your abdominal region.
by Jimmny Crickett November 6, 2006
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first car to arrive to a red light (sarcastic)
Driver exclaimed, "F@!#, pole position again!", as he caught the fifth red light in a row.
by James_Hunt February 14, 2008
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One of the best racing games ever made. Released by the company, 'Namco' back in 1982, it introduced the concept of having a chase camera view, as well as the challenge of having to qualify for the main race. In 1983, it was released in the United States by Atari under license from Namco. It would go on to become the video game of 1983, and to this day, is still a great racing game.
I just beat my old score in Pole Position!
by Mr. X-106 December 8, 2003
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getting the best booth at a club or restaurant or just having the advantage on anything aka the VIP treatment

*comes from car racing, having the most favorable position at the start of a race
*while sitting at a pimp corner booth at a club you got the "pole position"

*a good parking spot

by SuperThought October 2, 2003
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The car that starts first in a nascar (or other) race.
"And car nr 21 has pole and nr 5 is starting second"
by Nikita May 12, 2004
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Having sex with females on top and in front, while the male is on the bottom or at the back.
Women divorcing husbands and having abortions just to get "Pole position" by the Devil for his money... 👎🏿 WATO (what a turn off)!
by Essene.. July 27, 2016
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When you're playing with your phone while driving and you position yourself with a pole and smash into it
Paul was driving his truck playing with his phone not paying attention put himself in a pole position and smashed into it
by Dirtye49 September 3, 2017
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