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A euphemism for the word 'damn.'
Oh dang, I just missed my train!
by Mr. X-106 October 23, 2003

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The effect of getting high off of something, such as drugs or caffeine.
Once I get enough Mountain Dew, I can have a real buzz!
by Mr. X-106 October 23, 2003

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The act of vomiting. The term 'throw up' is usually considered less offensive than words such as 'puke' or 'barf.'
My little sister had to throw up after she went on the roller coaster.
by Mr. X-106 December 08, 2003

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Slang meaning to vomit. The word 'puke' is sometimes considered offensive.
My best friend had one too many beers last night, and had to puke for a while before he went to bed.
by Mr. X-106 December 08, 2003

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One of the most successful comedy trios from the 1930s-1970s. The original line-up was Moses Horwitz, Louis Feinberg, and Sam Horwitz, better known as Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Shemp Howard. After performing in Vaudeville for awhile, Shemp went into the movie business, and was replaced by Moe and Shemp's brother Jerome 'Babe' Horwitz, who would become better known as Curly Howard. The Three Stooges made many short films together, most of them with Curly, untill 1947, when he suffered a stroke and was replaced by Shemp.

The stooges are considered one of the great masters of comedy and are still much loved to this day.
I was up all last night watching The Three Stooges on TV. Man I never laughed so hard!
by Mr. X-106 November 21, 2004

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An additional rail usually found in subway systems, running parallel to the existing tracks, and sometimes slightly elevated. The third rail carries a live electric current which is used to power the subway trains.
"No Trespassing - DANGER THIRD RAIL"
by Mr. X-106 August 29, 2004

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Slang for a white person. The word 'honky' is considered offensive.
'Honky' is just as vulgar as the n-word and should not be used by anyone.
by Mr. X-106 October 02, 2003

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