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Jaquan is a handsome, athletic, and downright honest boy. He gets most of the girl's attention, and would make a perfect match with a girl named Nyla. Awesome kisser, but can sometimes get a little mean. When someone messes with him, he doesn't play around. But when you get to know him, he is a really cool guy.
Boy 1: Hey, thats the new guy.
Boy 2: Yeah, he is such a Jaquan.
Boy 1: And he is such a lady's man.
Boy 2: Yeah, he already stole a girl named nyla. They make a good couple...
by Jaquan T. May 04, 2018
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A name used for an extremely handsome, intelligent, humourous, male, who is rich in life and often loved by woman.
What a Jaquan
by thegoodstuff February 06, 2010
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Pretty much the most gangster name. Has been known to pop caps, and tell people to Shut The Fuck Up!!!!!
Mark: Dude! OMG! I got A. Johnson!!
Ja-Quan: Mark, Shut the fuck up!
by spydahguy January 26, 2009
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A male that is which intelligent, Very high sex appeal, and Also king like. HE is loved by many and has several haters. His mind can take him very far, he is creative and unique in everyday.Don't Push his buttons he often tends to beat the fuck out of people.Sex is Wonderful
Jaquan is a Greek God.
by QUAN March 03, 2015
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A generic term for any thug-looking African American male. The female equivilent is JAQUITTA.
Lock the car door Jaquan is creeping on the come up.
by livingloud May 19, 2003
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A boy who loves a myah and goes to church every Sunday is handsome and often loved by women.
That Jaquan is handsome.
by hdudbdis June 07, 2018
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