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n. Synonomous with girl.

n. A female from the durty South
Damn, guhl...youo ouhta take that weave out yo hur.
by Nuckra June 02, 2003
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guhl is an onomatopoeic expression of glee sometimes bellowed by the American rural redneck and/or farmer when overexcited. As such, it has also come to be an expression yelled by a surprisingly large number of urban, suburban, and educated people to decry some behavior or person as "rednecky." An alternate spelling is "GOL!!!!" but this is archaic SSU usage.
Ex. #1:

Bobby: Hay thayer Jimbo, you dunt ran the frigin Deere rahyt through thuh hay bale!!!!!

Ex. #2:

*Huge jacked up truck with KC lights and giant tires rolls by blaring Skynyrd*

NormalAndy: GUHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! (guhl)
NormalJeff: GOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! (gol)
by br0d November 13, 2006
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