n. Synonomous with girl.

n. A female from the durty South
Damn, guhl...youo ouhta take that weave out yo hur.
by Nuckra June 3, 2003
guhl is an onomatopoeic expression of glee sometimes bellowed by the American rural redneck and/or farmer when overexcited. As such, it has also come to be an expression yelled by a surprisingly large number of urban, suburban, and educated people to decry some behavior or person as "rednecky." An alternate spelling is "GOL!!!!" but this is archaic SSU usage.
Ex. #1:

Bobby: Hay thayer Jimbo, you dunt ran the frigin Deere rahyt through thuh hay bale!!!!!

Ex. #2:

*Huge jacked up truck with KC lights and giant tires rolls by blaring Skynyrd*

NormalAndy: GUHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! (guhl)
NormalJeff: GOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! (gol)
by br0d November 14, 2006