adj. Not yet trained or housebroken. Used to refer to someone prior to being shampooed and conditioned to new expectations of domesticated behaviour.
GF1: "What do you think of her new toyboy?"
GF2: "I thought she was crazy, taking on somebody that free range, but she shampooed him into a total slut"
by Margot and Bubble May 30, 2009
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Animals who live in a enviroment that are not cooped up in cages.
Several resturants are now using meats that are coming from free range farms.
by BruinKiller3469 March 29, 2009
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male sex organs allowed to hang about freely, by going cammando
much like a free range chicken is free to roam about but instead of chicken its balls
"i'm strickly free range"
by the_real_Chris November 15, 2006
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Free-range woman - loose woman who likes being loose at least 6 hours a day
Ana is a free-range woman, she screws around every night.
by Besik January 02, 2012
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The practice of breeding animals for food in a supposedly natural and cruelty-free manner. Animals live comfortably outside instead of in cramped stalls; are fed healthy diets. Alternate to factory farms.
She isn't a vegetarian, but she won't eat anything but free-range meat.
by Canaduck May 02, 2004
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A way for breeders to obfuscate the way they raise animals (usually fowl) and increase profit-margins on their product, even though given the choice to roam the field or stay in a climate-controlled food-a-plenty barn, the animals will chose the latter every time fact.
Consumers are given free-range to spend as much as they want to feel good about the animal that probably never roamed out of the barn anyway.
by cagerattler November 27, 2004
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A woman who wears a see through top at the shooting range throwing off other shooters' aim
Ben: Dude, some chick wore a black see through top while shooting an AR-15 pistol at the range today. She totally wrecked my concentration. Those were some hot "Free Range Titties".

Curtis: I'm sorry hear that bro. Wish I could have been there to see for myself.
by Mil3Druid3 November 24, 2014
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