A demented verb which express a temporally insane condition.
Oh geez, I think it's time to poat a lil bit:
(starting to poat)
"PoatPoatPoat *Uffaaah Uffaaahhhhh Uff!*... ooh, ok I'm done"
by Daniel Estman January 13, 2008
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To be unnessicerily slow with hidden love or crushing, almost like having a crush but putting off talking to them for an unnessicerily long time because you are afraid they are too good or not interested. Most poaters think highly of themselves, but are not sure if there crush knows if they exist, or gives a care. Poating is considered cowardly by boys, yet lots of them do it. Girls do too, but it is less obvious, and less frowned upon. e.g. "I know a lot of girls that poat in love," or "stop poating around and ask her out, fool!" Poating is a habit.

It can also mean chasing local boats on lakes that you do not know (lets say, if you are out of state) and seeing where all the good fishing spots are. Most poaters are seen as annoying and sometimes cheaters.
"I know a lot of girls that are poating in love," or "stop poating around and ask her out, fool!"
by DtrB, in the house June 21, 2006
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Plainest of all time
by ~OOF~ December 9, 2019
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a short slang term for the cigarettes that are most commonly associated with black people,newPOATS! yeaahh
"yo,bro can i bum one of dem Poats ? "
"naw man dis mah last one"
by Thing. October 25, 2008
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A boat which has been converted into a pub
Let’s go to the poat for a beer!
by BrizzleDan February 8, 2019
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Firstly used as a nickname for the big PM to describe her uniqueness meaning how much of a mess/twat she is.
"She's heavy POATS"
by polkat July 11, 2015
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The inability to type correctly because your name starts with the letter L.
"if i poated my daughters picture"
I poated and i can't get up!
by Wocbackwoods July 30, 2012
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