v. To leave a party without telling anyone you're leaving, so as to disappear- like a ninja.
Dirk dropped a ninja bomb last night, and no one heard peep from him for a week.
by 'noda March 9, 2007
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To Fart in ones hand and hold it, sneak up behind somebody and throw it in their face.
Robert ninja bombed Chris as he was getting his nipple pinched by the other Chris.
by Yu, Yu, Su September 28, 2006
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To get super drunk and then leave the bar without telling your friends where you are going, thus vanishing into thin air.
Dude where did Mike go he is super wasted? I don't know man, he probably ninja smoke bombed out of here.
by billythekid23 April 11, 2008
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The descrete and tactical act of taking a large poop in the upper tank of the toilet in someones house you really fuckin hate. No matter how much you flush or spray deodorizor..that stank aint going away.
This party sucks, im gonna ninja bomb it and head on out. See ya.
by Gdaiv747 September 16, 2019
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