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When a guy is getting his dick sucked by a girl while he's on the toilet taking a shit
Bob is taking a shit at home when his wife walks in and starts sucking his dick.
by Dil SHmead January 07, 2004
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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A plumpkin is the act of receiving oral sex while taking a dump. Could be considered gross, but the feeling achieved during orgasm is really pulsating.
My buddy got his first plumpkin last night and nearly busted his prostate!
by Dave March 31, 2005
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1) any female who dresses as though she weighs 15-30 lbs. less than she actually does. Frequently sports an exposed roll of non-baby fat overlapping the waist of her pants and/or breasts unintentionally bulging out of bra cups.

2) any unacceptably unattractive female who would become acceptably attractive upon losing 15-30 lbs.
I hooked-up with a plumpkin at the mall food court, hoping to gradually sweat the jellyrolls off of her. But once she had a man, rather than getting leaner and hotter, she just got lazier and bought bigger clothes.
by Bachelor boB November 15, 2005
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A plumpkin is a type of animal which is rarely found on Earth. The requirements for a creature to qualify as a plumpkin are that it must be a carnivore, and its mouth must at least appear to make up at least 40% of its entire body. Plumpkins are also often round, and usually are willing to try and eat just about anything. This makes for a creature which is essentially just a head. It is also not uncommon for plumpkins to have small, mostly useless arms.

Most plumpkins are found in fiction, but there are some real-life examples, such as the deep sea anglerfish.
Ted: "It was crazy! It was as big as my TV, and it had this huge mouth! It bit my neighbor's head off!"

Bill: "That's horrible! I didn't know we had plumpkins around here."

Example in Film: The Martians in "Invaders From Mars" (1986)
Example in Game: The Cacodemons in "Doom" (1993)
by MS-2021 August 17, 2010
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A girl giving a guy a blow job while the guy is taking a crap
While in deep constipation, John received a plumpkin from susan.
by Mangs May 07, 2006
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giving a guy a blow job while he's taking a dump
i was taking a crap and my girl walked in a gave me a plumpkin...
by gardenstategirl May 14, 2003
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