Plumpkin is a variation of the more well known term blumpkin. What differentiates a plumpkin from a blumpkin is that the woman performing the oral sex on the man who is taking a shit is morbidly obese, or plump as some would say.
That porker gave me some awesome plumpkin this morning.
by Demoneque August 07, 2006
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Occurs when a man is nailing a chick in the ass, and then after feeling something saucy on his pecker, looks down to find a pumpkin shaped pile of shit, bubbled over her asshole. His penis represents the stem.
Randy was nailing lisa in the ass, and to his dismay, she developed a gigantic plumpkin.
by cuntpunter69 February 17, 2008
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"HEY! Look at that plumpkin over there! It's huge!!!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
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A once in a lifetime festive cock sucking given while taking a dump, and done in commemoration of the pilgrims. The giver (male or female) is stimulated anally by repeatedly allowing the attached stem of a non-lubricated pumpkin to be slammed into their bottom by a third person cordially deemed 'Number 3.'
"Dude, is it true that Rhett received a plumpkin from that girl that wore a sports bra in the cafeteria while Kacey played number 3?"

"Yeah man, they got the pumpkin from Alan.
He said it hurt real bad. I think he just did it because he was so grateful for the pilgrims."
by Branislav Nuลกiฤ‡ November 20, 2008
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1. A Plumpkin is a variety of Katebear that is pretty cool. You can find her in places like hair salons, parks, and thrift stores. Beware though, if you would like to capture a Plumpkin you must be quite cautious, for they are very timid, and may run at the slightest sign of affection.

2. A girl who is very good on top in bed.

3. A girl who has a perfect pumpkin shaped ass.
1. So I was walking home today and I saw a Plumpkin in the park. I walked up real slow and held out a cupcake, and she ate it out of my hand!!! How cute!

2. Damn, the bitch a Plumpkin.

3. Oh shit son, that Kate girl got that Plumpkin shit goin on...
by Urifucabes October 27, 2011
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The opposite of a blumpkin (a guy recieving a blow-job while taking a shit). This is the female version. The girl gets a pleasurable sensation of being eaten out while taking a shit. This can be messy though, and you'll probably get some shit mixed in there.
Shane gave kels a Plumpkin in the McDanks bathroom.
by HorneyHarry May 25, 2011
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