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Prettig Lichaam Ongelovelijke Rotkop


Nice Body Very Ugly Face
A: thats a plork
B: Damn she got a body, but her face is ugly
by IanHupkes October 12, 2006
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Plork - Dutch acronym, stands for "Prachtig Lichaam, Onmeunige RotKop". Freely translated: "Marvellous Body, Terrible AssHead". Usually used to describe female, but, because the word is nonsexual, can also be used to describe a male one.
My friend, who studies electrotechnics, complained to me there are only plorks in his class.
by Mennoowh November 30, 2004
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the sound of a penis entering a juicy orifice
This expression actually comes from a ZAP comic book (or similar clone). In one story the caped hero is strapped to a table and a luscious female is lowered onto his upright large member. A frame actually shows the entry, with the sound "PLORK!"
by pickle the pony February 28, 2010
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The act of playing and working at the same time.
Dave enjoyed plork; he would type his entire essay into the chat log of the computer game he was playing.
by Jeremy Savidge September 25, 2006
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