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Some like to work, others like to play. Those visionary enough prefer to plork, combining the two elements as opposed to going about each separately. An aficionado of the plorking way is P. Taylor.
"Too busy plorking boi!"
"To plork or not to plork"
"Plorking every day"
by The Welsh Thesaurus July 11, 2016
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Reading pointless things.

The word originates from a pointless tweet from T-Shirt Hell on July 28th in which they simultaneously create and define the word.

As is demonstrated in the tweet that created the word, but not explicitly stated, the word can also be used as a noun in which a "plork" is something pointless that you have read.
Dude check this out - I was just plorking on reddit and found this really cool article!
by Dilinot August 05, 2009
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